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What I Do

I am a missionary working with One Collective in Quito, Ecuador.  Here in Quito our team is called Youth World and “we exist to identify, teach and equip leaders to impact young people and families to be disciples of Jesus Christ.” My first year and a half I was the short term teams coordinator. I have since transitioned to the role of administrative assistant at Casa Gabriel, our home for former street boys. The Quito team and I rely 100% on the ongoing monthly financial support of our ministry partners.

 ·    If you are already supporting my ministry in Quito, I cannot thank you enough for responding to God’s calling. It is impossible to truly express how grateful I am for your continued partnership.

·   If you have never supported One Collective ministries before and are looking for ways to begin, my current supporters do so either by automatic monthly credit card transactions or one time special gifts as God blesses them financially.

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“We love because he first loved us.”

1 john 4:19


Who I Am

My name is Chelsea Diefenbach.  I have an average size family: a younger brother, a sister and a beautiful baby niece!!  I grew up in Southern California; a product of Arcadia High School, Whittier College and Claremont Graduate University.  Though I never moved out of the area, I have spent my whole life as a member of various short term missions teams.  That can mean many different things, depending on what organization/church you are ministering with, but in general, short term teams support and facilitate growth through pre-existing programs and ministries.  Since the age of 12 I have been to Mexico, Ecuador, Burkina Faso, Costa Rica and several domestic locations as a part of such teams.  I even returned to some of those places 2 and 3 times!

I believe in bringing joy and love to the people around you.  I strongly believe that my purpose and mission through Jesus Christ are to show his joy and love to everyone I encounter!  I also have a passion for youth!  I taught math at Montclair High School for 7 years and honestly, I thought I might grow old there.  A little piece of my heart will always be in Montclair!  I love the students there with a passion that is impossible to explain.  So, I guess you can say that my true loves are Jesus, laughter and kids!

In April of 2016 after going through a pretty intense Bible study program with Grace Church of La Verne, I felt drawn to leap into full time ministry.  So, I applied with One Collective and quit my job at Montclair.  Now, I am the administrative assistant at Casa Gabriel which is a ministry of Youth World in Quito, Ecuador.  I could not be more excited to do the job I do!!  I truly see God’s work in my life and am insanely grateful for the training and experiences he has arranged, so that I would be prepared for the many adventures my future holds!!